Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about Daily Giving with Islamic Relief Australia


What is Daily Giving?

Daily Giving is an online platform that automates your donations every single day of Ramadan.

Who runs Daily Giving?

Daily Giving is run by Islamic Relief Australia.

The donation process

Are there any extra fees for using Daily Giving?

No – there are no extra fees for using Daily Giving. There are 3rd party processing fees (Stripe) that we cannot avoid but otherwise your donation in its entirety goes into the allocated fund that you select. If you wish to cover the nominal Stripe fee, please increase your donation by a small amount.

What is the Transaction Fee?

Stripe charges us 1.75% of your donation + A$0.30 for domestic cards. So for a donation of $5/day, we receive $4.61.

For International cards, we are charged 2.9% of your donation + A$0.30, and an additional 2% if currency conversion is required

What time do you process the donations?

Donations are processed in a queue by our system and should be taken about 24 hours from when you first signed up. For Ramadan this is every day until the end of the month. For Dhul Hijjah, this is every day of the best 10 days until Eid Al-Adha.

What happens if my donation is rejected?

We will send you an email notifying you that your payment was rejected. The payment will not be retried. We encourage you to visit and complete a manual donation to make sure you catch the rewards of sadaqah on that day.

There are only a few days left, can I still donate?

Yes, you can schedule donations up until the last day of Ramadan (or until the Day of Arafah if its Dhul Hijjah) if you so wish.

I started Ramadan / Dhul Hijjah on a different date, can I change the end date of my Daily Giving donations?

No – donations are scheduled to end when the majority of the country celebrates Eid (Al-Fitr or Al-Adha), in accordance with announcements by local authorities etc. We apologise for any inconvenience and urge you to visit our main website and give a manual donation to fulfil your commitment.

What happens if there is a 30th night of Ramadan this year?

If there is a 30th night of Ramadan this year, our team will ensure that donations are taken out on the final day.

The transactions on my bank statement/app are not showing the right day/time – are my donations coming out on time?

It’s important to keep in mind that for non-digital banks, it may take a few days for transactions to appear on your bank statement. This is because some banks display transactions instantly, while others may take up to five working days to appear. Even though donations are processed at fixed times, it’s possible that your bank may wait for five days to populate them, and may even show them all on the same day, even though the transaction happened on different days.

I want to do a second donation on behalf of someone else, how can I do so?

It’s easy! Just:

  1. Make the intention for the person you want to donate for 
  2. Login to the website (this is only necessary if using the same email address)
  3. Start the donation process again. 
Can I donate if I live outside of Australia?

Yes, but please note that amounts are displated and charged in Australian Dollars.